Northern Illumination Company was started in 1999 as an Oregon based lighting manufacturer’s representative specializing in architectural lighting products and controls. We serve the commercial, industrial, residential and roadway markets by working with the design, distribution, contractor and government communities. Our mission is to represent quality lighting manufacturers and provide efficient service through a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Purpose, Values & Principles

At NIC, we believe success is created by building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients, vendors and colleagues by treating each with dignity, empathy and respect. As a team, we provide industry leading services and sustainable solutions to creatively solve problems that build confidence and trust with our partners. As a representative, we promise to only offer products from manufacturers who share the same purpose, values and principles.

Employee Directory

  • Ed Slavin
    Direct: 503-893-1159
    Principal, Sales
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  • Kim Lindstrand
    Direct: 503-893-1167
    Principal, Sales
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  • Nate Hoke
    Direct: 503-893-1152
    Operations Manager
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  • Victoria Freeman
    Direct: 503-893-1155
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  • Brian Senyo
    Direct: 503-893-1150
    Specification Sales
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  • Jim Miller
    Direct: 503-893-1165
    Specification Sales
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  • John Banks
    Direct: 503-893-1153
    Distributor Sales
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  • Jim Peters
    Direct: 503-893-1158
    Showroom Sales
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  • John Elzie
    Direct: 503-893-1161
    Lighting Controls
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  • Tim Hopper
    Direct: 503-893-1163
    Contractor - Distributor Sales
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  • Kevin Wilborn
    Direct: 503-893-1169
    Contractor Sales
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  • Leslie Gompert
    Direct: 503-893-1160
    Sales, Southern Oregon
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  • Tami West
    Direct: 503-893-1300
    Specification Sales
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  • JD Stahr
    Direct: 503-893-1151
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  • Ryan McNamara
    Direct: 503-893-1164
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  • Katie Gould
    Direct: 503-893-1166
    Quotations Assistance
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  • David Wray
    Direct: 503-893-1157
    Specification Assistance
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  • Brenda McKinney
    Direct: 503-893-1154
    Project Management
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  • Sarah Adams
    Direct: 503-893-1156
    Project Management
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  • Caitlin Carpenter
    Direct: 503-893-1168
    Customer Service
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